Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Suicide Note

1. Why do people commit suicide?

People commit suicide because of depression. They fell tired to face challenges in life hence, they want to take their own life. They also think negatively about themselves that a thought come into their mind like, "everyone would all be better off without me". Besides that, people commit suicide because they are getting tired of people impression towards them. People judge every single thing about them hence, they think they are the worst and useless among all. Commit suicide also happens because of life events. In a society, people tend to neglect someone that belong to a low class and less socialize with others. Apart from that, family environment can caused suicide. For example, if a parent is divorced, children will feel too sad. They feel stressed that they might lost attention and love from their parents. They also worried that their other colleagues will mock them on this issue. 

2. What is Mirikitani's agenda in writing this poem.

Her agenda in writing this poem is to tell us about her own life. This poem related to her childhood experiences. After her parents divorced, and Mirikitani at age 5 was confronted with solitude and poverty in a single parent household. The more crucial trauma was caused by her mother's remarriage and their new country life in Petaluma, California. She was a victim of sexual abuse by her stepfather from five to sixteen years old and, she was save from suicide only by the love and care of her grandmother. She also wants us to see what induces and individual to take her own life. The poem describes the line of thinking of a despaired college girl, who relentlessly thinks that she is not good enough. The poem is presented by the author in the form of suicide not written by a poor girl to her parents. This was a heartbreaking incident that should have never happened in the first place. 

3. As teachers, what is our role in ensuring that students do not take their own life.

As teachers, we should ask students directly if they have the thought to commit suicide. We must show concern towards them so they feel useful, loved, and appreciated. We should listen to their problems. Apart from that, we can share them stories on the past case of suicide hence, they know how terrible does it feel to commit suicide. Teachers also have to reassure them that there is help and they will not feel awful forever. Do not leave students alone when they are having problems but, provide them with constant supervision and give them advices. Teachers need to take suicide as a serious matter if any student has ever mention to kill themselves. Teachers can suggest parents to bring their kids to  a relaxing place or therapy to ease their mind.    

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