Friday, 30 September 2011


First Day In School

First day I go,
Realizes that things reluctant to do,
Momma begging me to go,
To the weirdest place I ever saw.

I stare, they stare,
Strangers people everywhere,
Now I here,
Sitting with people I aware.

~Nur Syafawani~

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Poem~Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In

You dont know my name,
you dont know anything about me,
I tried to play nice,
I want to be in your game.

The things that you say,
You may think I never hear about them,
But word travels fast,
I am telling you to your face,
I am standing here behind your back.

You do not how it feels to be outside the crowd
And you do not how it feels to be your own best friend
On the outside looking in.

If you could read my mind,
You might see more of me than meets the eyes,
And you have been all wrong,
Not who you think I am,
You have never given me a chance,
You do not know what it is like to be left out.

I am tired of staying at hostel,
I am bored and all alone,
I am sick of wasting all my time.

    ~people cry not because they're weak.
       It's because they have been strong for too long~

*Hasfiyah Assan*

My First Wonder

What it is mean?
Is it a playground? 
Everything is my first wonder.
School uniform, white and dark blue outfit,
Suited with a pair of clear white shoes,
Completed with a colorful school bag,

My first wonder,
Entering a place that filled with high buildings,
Chaotic students,
Run here and there with excitements,
Handsome and gorgeous teachers,
Wearing attracting attires,
Patiently teaching and handling the children,

My first wonder,
Entering a huge class that I ever entered,
I see new faces that I never meet,
They are also in the same situation like mine, I thought,
Different feelings are showed in the class,
Happy, sad, scared, crying,
Everything is revealed,
Sitting next to strangers,
A person besides me greeted me,
Then, we slowly become friends,

My first wonder,
A woman walked in into my class,
Greeted all the students with her gorgeous smile,
Carrying her books in her arms,
Suddenly informing us like an alarm,
That she is the class teacher.

My first wonder,
Parents waited for their children,
Watching their attitude in class,
I searched for my mother,
Unfortunately, she was not there,
I kept searching and searching,
Then, I realized,
She cannot wait for me like others,
I forgot,
She is a teacher,
A teacher in the same school as mine,
School, uniforms, classmates, teacher,
Everything is my first wonder.

by Fatin Syazana binti Yahya

Unforgettable Moments in School

The Story Of Us

A day without a guardian,
An hour without a smile,
A lunch without the one,
Mom, who will spend me days or a while…

Then there she goes,
A lovely rose,
That makes me glows,
With her jokes.

But days can’t be so bright,
Things could be wrong and right,
You make me terrified,
And hurt my pride.

Then the wind talks to me,
Saying you said “I’m sorry”,
Because you will leave me,
So you hurt me badly.

You always there in my thought,
And I miss you a lot,
Thanks for all your support,
You will find happiness with God.



From the beginning I step,
I can't say anything just to smile,
Hope to fill my day with blissful,
So the memories will last longer,
When I think about it again,
I'm proud being here,
All the memories start to fly over,
As I walk through my days,
I remembered,
Friends who support me,
Teachers who always be with me,
My rival who always unsatisfied with me,
All of them filled my days in journey of success.

~Naam Fiqa~

Monday, 19 September 2011

Favourite poem


Some things, are not meant to last.
Some, were robbed and some were lost.
Some, were displayed and sold, and…
Some remains intact like a ring of gold.

Things change and so do people.
Friends left, and some just stop being friends
Some just stay and hold you ’till the end, but…
Some, you can never hold on to something…forever.
So learn to let go… except my FRIENDSHIP with you!

I will forever be a friend to you, that’s true, but…
Don’t ever leave me when things go wrong.
Hold on my friend, let’s keep going and let’s stay strong
For the friendship we have started is where we belong.

This poem tells the truth that happened in our everyday life. We make friends, stop being friends and stay as friends till the end are something that common happened. This poem reminds a lot on relationship with friends hence reminds us to appreciate our friendship. In life, nothing is sure unless we keep reaching for it.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Garden Party (Diary)

3 August 2011
Dear Diary,

     A party was held in my house today. However, I feel guilty because a neighbor of mine passed on this afternoon. One of my daughter, Laura, insisted to put off the party but I ignored her even though I know she was right. I refused to cancel the party because I have invited many guest to come and I have spent a lot of money and time in order to make sure the party runs well. Apart from that, my children contributed most of their time and energy for this year garden party. They have invited their friends and colleagues. If I cancel the party, I will disappoint them and things would go to waste. No one expect that the death will happened on the same day that my party was going to held. On top of that, I have sent my daughter, Laura to visit them at the end of our party. It's not that we didn't have any sense of humanity at all. Many things has to be taken into consideration so cancelling the party is not the best solution to show respect.

The Garden Party (Second question)

When someone with a title died, do you give he/she the same treat that you give to a fishmonger?

To be honest, when someone with a title passed on, we will surely give them a special treat. As they are well-known people, the funeral procession should be well organized to preserve their dignity. People who come to the funeral would wear a formal outfit in black color to respect the deceased. The crowd would attend their funeral on time and behave themselves.
For commoners like fishmongers, people would rarely attend their funeral because for them, they are less important and not well-known. Their funeral procession will probably be less organized and only common people and their relatives would attend the funeral.

The Garden Party (First question)

You are going to held a party in the evening. Assume that in your neighborhood, someone two doors away died in the afternoon. What would you do?

I would still held the party but in a moderate condition. I will deduct the band so I wouldn't distract the funeral ceremony. I will pay a visit before my party because the incident happened before my party started. Furthermore, I've called many people to attend my party so I shouldn't cancel it. Apart from that, I have to consider my family's opinion because they have prepared well for the garden party. I have spent a lot of time and money to organize the party and many people efforts were involved in preparing for this party.

I Stand Here Ironing

1. The narrator in the short story is the mother and the point of view is interior monologue.

2. The narrator is addressing to the unknown person that wants to talk to her about her daughter.

3. She was 19 when she gave birth to Emily.

4. She was in the world of depression during that time, living in poor condition, and left by her husband. 

5. She follows the experts' advice by sending Emily to a convalescent home in the country. Emily ends up losing seven pounds because of the terrible food in the convalescent home.

6. Emily and Susan are stepsisters because Emily's mother remarried to Susan's father.

7. Emily turns to a passive person because in her early years, she spends less time with her mother. Therefore, she tends to be quiet most of the time. She has a low self-confidence because of her unpopularity in school. She also keep her distance from others because of her sickness. 

8. She discovers that she has a talent in imitating a person.

9. The mother decide not to talk about her daughter. This is proved in the second paragraph where she stated that there is no good to talk about her daughter even though she is Emily's mother.

10. In my opinion, the iron symbolizes the mother's responsibility that never ends to give her children the best care. The iron board symbolizes the hardships she faced when raising her family.