Thursday, 29 September 2011

My First Wonder

What it is mean?
Is it a playground? 
Everything is my first wonder.
School uniform, white and dark blue outfit,
Suited with a pair of clear white shoes,
Completed with a colorful school bag,

My first wonder,
Entering a place that filled with high buildings,
Chaotic students,
Run here and there with excitements,
Handsome and gorgeous teachers,
Wearing attracting attires,
Patiently teaching and handling the children,

My first wonder,
Entering a huge class that I ever entered,
I see new faces that I never meet,
They are also in the same situation like mine, I thought,
Different feelings are showed in the class,
Happy, sad, scared, crying,
Everything is revealed,
Sitting next to strangers,
A person besides me greeted me,
Then, we slowly become friends,

My first wonder,
A woman walked in into my class,
Greeted all the students with her gorgeous smile,
Carrying her books in her arms,
Suddenly informing us like an alarm,
That she is the class teacher.

My first wonder,
Parents waited for their children,
Watching their attitude in class,
I searched for my mother,
Unfortunately, she was not there,
I kept searching and searching,
Then, I realized,
She cannot wait for me like others,
I forgot,
She is a teacher,
A teacher in the same school as mine,
School, uniforms, classmates, teacher,
Everything is my first wonder.

by Fatin Syazana binti Yahya

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