Monday, 19 September 2011

Favourite poem


Some things, are not meant to last.
Some, were robbed and some were lost.
Some, were displayed and sold, and…
Some remains intact like a ring of gold.

Things change and so do people.
Friends left, and some just stop being friends
Some just stay and hold you ’till the end, but…
Some, you can never hold on to something…forever.
So learn to let go… except my FRIENDSHIP with you!

I will forever be a friend to you, that’s true, but…
Don’t ever leave me when things go wrong.
Hold on my friend, let’s keep going and let’s stay strong
For the friendship we have started is where we belong.

This poem tells the truth that happened in our everyday life. We make friends, stop being friends and stay as friends till the end are something that common happened. This poem reminds a lot on relationship with friends hence reminds us to appreciate our friendship. In life, nothing is sure unless we keep reaching for it.

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