Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I Stand Here Ironing

1. The narrator in the short story is the mother and the point of view is interior monologue.

2. The narrator is addressing to the unknown person that wants to talk to her about her daughter.

3. She was 19 when she gave birth to Emily.

4. She was in the world of depression during that time, living in poor condition, and left by her husband. 

5. She follows the experts' advice by sending Emily to a convalescent home in the country. Emily ends up losing seven pounds because of the terrible food in the convalescent home.

6. Emily and Susan are stepsisters because Emily's mother remarried to Susan's father.

7. Emily turns to a passive person because in her early years, she spends less time with her mother. Therefore, she tends to be quiet most of the time. She has a low self-confidence because of her unpopularity in school. She also keep her distance from others because of her sickness. 

8. She discovers that she has a talent in imitating a person.

9. The mother decide not to talk about her daughter. This is proved in the second paragraph where she stated that there is no good to talk about her daughter even though she is Emily's mother.

10. In my opinion, the iron symbolizes the mother's responsibility that never ends to give her children the best care. The iron board symbolizes the hardships she faced when raising her family.

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