Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Disappearance - The Interview

The woman that was reported missing by her husband 8 months ago, recently spot in one of the district area in United States. Our team grab this opportunity to interview about her reason for leaving her husband and son.

         "I never felt like I'm married since the beginning of the marriage. He's not the one that I'm expecting to live with. In the first place, I really want to leave the house, but I cannot do so since we have a son. I try to love my husband but that just couldn't happened. I listened to everything he said but I'm not sincerely doing it. He did gave me opportunities to make decision sometimes but most of the time he planned everything. I'm not the type of typical village lady who will obey every single order that a husband asked to do so. It's not that I'm against the Indian traditional clothing, but I have a desire to own and wear the casual outfit. I knew his mother doesn't like me from the look in her eyes even before our marriage. It seems that she's expecting someone else to be her daughter-in-law. I lived here for a few months and I never regret that I left my family. I've think about leaving my son thoroughly and I did not regret it because I know how well I taught my son. He can be a very independent person. I want to work. What's the use of getting into college if I end up doing house chores all my life? I need to feel secure because my husband might left me. I did asked for his permission to work but he turned it down. I've pursued my study in the same course that I took before I get married. Apart from that, I'd plan to pay my son a visit but I need some more time to gain enough courage to face him. About the jewellery? Yes, I bring them along with me. There's no wrong about it because it's all mine.", she said. Then, she walked away and reminded us not to reveal her location for the time being.


    a question^_^
    when the wife said that she never regret leaving the family,do you think she doesnt care about her son at all? if yes then she should have left in the first place right? what do you think? by the way izzah,you are cute^_^

  2. we think that it's good but it seems like the mother doesn't care about her son much... she should have not leave her son at the first place if she really do care about her son...the way she said that she bring along the jewellery with her, seems like she do not feel guilty at all..and is it true that she do not love her husband at all??? by the way,good conclusion...keep it up ^___^