Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Birthday by Lee Kok Liang

  • 'She'
  • Grandmother
  • Uncle Teng
  • C.B 

1. 'She' is the protagonist in this short story. Her parents was dead. She was described as a beautiful woman who has her mother's eyes which were very dark and shiny, and her grandfather's chin. Her 25th birthday was forgotten by her family. Her grandmother was planning to arrange her marriage with Uncle Teng. She has to follow her order because she's getting older and should be married. 

2. Grandmother was described as the antagonist character. She treated her granddaughter badly. She planned to arrange her granddaughter's marriage with Uncle Teng. However, her granddaughter spoiled the chance. Her granddaughter spilled a bowl of curry which drenched Uncle Teng's trousers. She went to her granddaughter's room and uttered bad things to her.

3. Uncle Teng is a minor character. He was invited by grandmother to see her future wife. Unfortunately, an incident happened that the meeting was unsuccessfully done.

4. C.B is well-treated by his grandmother. He can give his opinion about modern girls in front of her grandmother. He did not have to do all the chores like what the protagonist did.

Life of an unmarried woman which bring sorrow and unfullfillment
  • The main character in this short story had an unpleasant life where she didn't has the chance to have a family. Her grandmother wanted her to get married by arranging her marriage with Uncle Teng but an incident happened that her grandmother was badly mad to her and the plan was cancelled.

  • The protagonist saw a baby at the window. She hopes that the baby's mother would wash the baby as clean as well-washed plate. This shows her desire to have a child. It was her birthday but no one remembered it. She spent her day as usual without any special event was held.  
Rising Action
  • Uncle Teng came to her house and his presence was very welcomed. Her grandmother asked her to sit with them and Uncle Teng smiled while she sat uncomfortably. The protagonist called C.B because her grandmother asked her to. C.B jokes with Uncle Teng while the protagonist prepared the dishes. 

  • A cockroach whirred in the air and she hopes that it would not drop into the bowl. But the cockroach fell on her right arm which caused the hot curry to spill over the edge and drenched to Uncle Teng's trousers. The protagonist quickly wiped up the mess on the floor. She didn't given any meal that night as a punishment. 
Falling Action
  • The protagonist sat on a pile of firewood while the others were eating. She killed the cockroach with her big toe. She did all the kitchen chores hurriedly and went back to her room crying.
  • Her grandmother came to the protagonist's room and said bad things to her. She cursed her that she will be a spinster for the rest of her life. 


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