Thursday, 28 July 2011

Our reflection on Lamb to the Slaughter

1) What is the message that i"m trying to bring across in the short performance?

The message that we're trying to bring across in the short performance about the short story 'Lamb To The Slaughter' is how intelligent Mary is in hiding the weapon that she used to kill her husband. She knows well on what will happen to her after the murder so she plans to vanish the evidence which is the lamb's leg by asking the policemen to eat the lamb's leg and finish it. Also, we would like to show how proud Mary is when she managed to ask the policemen to eat the evidence. Her giggles show that she is proud of her deed.

2) Are there any areas that we can work on after reviewing the whole scene?

We think that we should work on the part when we're having the meal because we did not act well to show that we are enjoying the meal. Also, we need to improve our English proficiency.

3) What values can we learn from putting up this short sketch?

Values we can learn from putting up this short sketch are we have to brilliant in solving problems. Although Mary's deed is a negative thing, but its show how wise Mary is in solving her trouble. Besides that, we have to think out of the box so that we have many ways to solve things. We cannot rely on one opinion only. For example, the police officers think that the murder of Patrick Maloney is a man and the weapon used is something made from metal.


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  1. 1. Can we vanish the evidence?
    2. What areas in your English proficiency would you like to work on?
    3. The example used to support your answer to question 3 is a good one.