Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Disappearance - The Interview

The woman that was reported missing by her husband 8 months ago, recently spot in one of the district area in United States. Our team grab this opportunity to interview about her reason for leaving her husband and son.

         "I never felt like I'm married since the beginning of the marriage. He's not the one that I'm expecting to live with. In the first place, I really want to leave the house, but I cannot do so since we have a son. I try to love my husband but that just couldn't happened. I listened to everything he said but I'm not sincerely doing it. He did gave me opportunities to make decision sometimes but most of the time he planned everything. I'm not the type of typical village lady who will obey every single order that a husband asked to do so. It's not that I'm against the Indian traditional clothing, but I have a desire to own and wear the casual outfit. I knew his mother doesn't like me from the look in her eyes even before our marriage. It seems that she's expecting someone else to be her daughter-in-law. I lived here for a few months and I never regret that I left my family. I've think about leaving my son thoroughly and I did not regret it because I know how well I taught my son. He can be a very independent person. I want to work. What's the use of getting into college if I end up doing house chores all my life? I need to feel secure because my husband might left me. I did asked for his permission to work but he turned it down. I've pursued my study in the same course that I took before I get married. Apart from that, I'd plan to pay my son a visit but I need some more time to gain enough courage to face him. About the jewellery? Yes, I bring them along with me. There's no wrong about it because it's all mine.", she said. Then, she walked away and reminded us not to reveal her location for the time being.

The Disappearance (Part 1)

1. Does the title hint at anything ominous? Why?

Yes. "The Disappearance" shows that something will disappear either it is a thing or a person so it can attract people to read on what the whole story about.

2. The father does not give any indication to the son that his mother is coming back. Why is that so? Do you think it is acceptable to tell a white lie?

He teaches her son not to lie so he couldn't bring himself to say something pleasant for the boy to hear. Also, he does not want to give her son a false hope that the mother would come back.

3. Do you think the saying 'out of sight, out of mind' summarizes this short story? How?

No, because he could hardly forget his wife even after he has remarried.

4. Do Americans and Indians share the same values? Explain.

No. They are different in terms of clothing, thinking, food. For examples, the protagonist's wife wants to have a casual American clothes however, her husband thinks that she looks more beautiful in Indian outfit. Her husband seems to have a traditional way of thinking.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Theme for Jade Bracelet

A Great Love and Responsibility

Responsibility is shown through the character of Mrs Wong to her mother. She is willing to take care of her bed-ridden mother for years. Although she has a brother, she plays the role of both son and daughter. It is shown clearly when she prepares the breakfast broth for her mother. She carefully prepares it on her own. Mrs Wong never complaint of the duty while her brother, Ah Kow only shows up during their mother last moment and suggests that their mother should be sent to Sam Poh Tong. Apart from that, Mrs Wong shows great love when she discards the chopsticks to pick the bones from the ashes because to her, the remains of her mother is perfectly clean.

Love and responsibility is also reflected in the other short story which is "Lamb to The Slaughter". In this short story, the wife, Mrs Mary Maloney loves her husband very much. She waits for her husband to get back from work and prepares drinks for her husband. She always wanted her husband to get enough needs. Although her husband treats her badly, she keeps trying to win her husband's heart. Even after the divorce issue been brought up, she's still want to make her husband a perfect supper. This shows that she still carry on with her responsibility towards her husband.

The Possible Resolution for The Jade Bracelet

This is our possible ending for this story:
              Suddenly,Mrs Wong stopped.She turned to Siew May and give the jade bracelet to her.

'Why? You said earlier that it ought to be mine.' said Fock Kee.

'No. You are such an irresponsible son. You don't deserve to own it. Mother also had given instructions before that the bracelet should belong to Siew May.'

Siew May stunts but overwhelmed by her mother's action. She was glad that she could own the bracelet.

Mrs. Wong did not regret what she did because,as a filial daughter,she has obeyed her mother's words.

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Jade Bracelet (Part 1)

1. What is the relationship between Mrs Wong and Mrs Lee?

    They are neighbors.

2. Is Mrs Wong a filial daughter? Give three reasons.

    Yes because he is willing to take care of her mother without any complaint. Besides that, she had to shoulder the burden of duty as daughter and son. When each relative of the deceased was given a pair of chopsticks to pick from the ashes the bones that could be conveniently be stored in a porcelain urn, Mrs Wong discards the chopsticks because to her, the remains of her own mother appeared perfectly clean to her.

3. What is Ah Kow's real name? How is he related to the dying woman in the short story?

     Ah Kow's real name is Fook Kee. Ah Kow is the son of the dying woman.

4. Why is Sam Poh Tong mentioned in the short story.

     Sam Poh Tong mentioned in the short story because it is the place where the grandmother will be send. 

5. What do you think the jade bracelet symbolises? Give your reasons.

    I think the jade bracelet symbolises a person status. Jade is made from a precious stone and it is very har to obtain. That is why it costs a lot. A person who wears jade shows that he or she is a rich people. Apart from that, it symbolises a good health of the person who wear it. The energy in the jade bracelet helps to take extra care and protects the person who wear it. Moreover, people who wear jade have a good luck for years and longer life. 

6. Do you think Siew May is naive? Cite your reasons with quotations.

    Yes because she reacts immaturely when her grandmother died.

     The quotation, "I want to go home...... Grandmother will be waiting alone!"

7. Did Siew May get the jade bracelet in the end? Why?

    No, because her mother claimed that she is not supposed to own the jade bracelet. According to her mother, her uncle is the one who should own the jade bracelet because he is the only son in the family.

8. Do you like the story? Why?

    No, because it requires a lot of thinking. I could not figure out who is the main character actually in this short story. I also could not determine what is the role of some characters in the short story such as Ah Kow and Mrs Lee. Apart from that, the dialogues are not understandable. In addition to that, I could not agree that in the end, Siew May did not own the jade bracelet.  

Uncle Teng's Dialog to His Parents

Uncle Teng : Mother, Father, I’m a little bit disappointed about my visit just now. The grandmother’s action irritated me. She has a traditional way of thinking that annoyed me. That woman whom I should marry accidentally spilled the curry she cooked on me. I knew she has been careful enough while carrying it but, her grandmother scolded her unreasonably. She shouldn’t give her that kind of punishment which suitable for a kid. She’s not doing it on purpose, so her grandmother should be more understanding. She might feel uneasy or nervous while preparing it for me that she accidentally spilled it. And I don’t think that girl get enough love and care in the family. Her grandmother’s concern and love were only for C.B, her relatives, I could say. He chatted with us while that young lady did all the chores. I don’t think that as a man, he could be relied on. I’m willing to marry that girl if she wants to. Mother, father, please help me to propose her in a mannerly way. I believe I could cherish her life more than what she had now.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Birthday by Lee Kok Liang

  • 'She'
  • Grandmother
  • Uncle Teng
  • C.B 

1. 'She' is the protagonist in this short story. Her parents was dead. She was described as a beautiful woman who has her mother's eyes which were very dark and shiny, and her grandfather's chin. Her 25th birthday was forgotten by her family. Her grandmother was planning to arrange her marriage with Uncle Teng. She has to follow her order because she's getting older and should be married. 

2. Grandmother was described as the antagonist character. She treated her granddaughter badly. She planned to arrange her granddaughter's marriage with Uncle Teng. However, her granddaughter spoiled the chance. Her granddaughter spilled a bowl of curry which drenched Uncle Teng's trousers. She went to her granddaughter's room and uttered bad things to her.

3. Uncle Teng is a minor character. He was invited by grandmother to see her future wife. Unfortunately, an incident happened that the meeting was unsuccessfully done.

4. C.B is well-treated by his grandmother. He can give his opinion about modern girls in front of her grandmother. He did not have to do all the chores like what the protagonist did.

Life of an unmarried woman which bring sorrow and unfullfillment
  • The main character in this short story had an unpleasant life where she didn't has the chance to have a family. Her grandmother wanted her to get married by arranging her marriage with Uncle Teng but an incident happened that her grandmother was badly mad to her and the plan was cancelled.

  • The protagonist saw a baby at the window. She hopes that the baby's mother would wash the baby as clean as well-washed plate. This shows her desire to have a child. It was her birthday but no one remembered it. She spent her day as usual without any special event was held.  
Rising Action
  • Uncle Teng came to her house and his presence was very welcomed. Her grandmother asked her to sit with them and Uncle Teng smiled while she sat uncomfortably. The protagonist called C.B because her grandmother asked her to. C.B jokes with Uncle Teng while the protagonist prepared the dishes. 

  • A cockroach whirred in the air and she hopes that it would not drop into the bowl. But the cockroach fell on her right arm which caused the hot curry to spill over the edge and drenched to Uncle Teng's trousers. The protagonist quickly wiped up the mess on the floor. She didn't given any meal that night as a punishment. 
Falling Action
  • The protagonist sat on a pile of firewood while the others were eating. She killed the cockroach with her big toe. She did all the kitchen chores hurriedly and went back to her room crying.
  • Her grandmother came to the protagonist's room and said bad things to her. She cursed her that she will be a spinster for the rest of her life.