Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Theme for Jade Bracelet

A Great Love and Responsibility

Responsibility is shown through the character of Mrs Wong to her mother. She is willing to take care of her bed-ridden mother for years. Although she has a brother, she plays the role of both son and daughter. It is shown clearly when she prepares the breakfast broth for her mother. She carefully prepares it on her own. Mrs Wong never complaint of the duty while her brother, Ah Kow only shows up during their mother last moment and suggests that their mother should be sent to Sam Poh Tong. Apart from that, Mrs Wong shows great love when she discards the chopsticks to pick the bones from the ashes because to her, the remains of her mother is perfectly clean.

Love and responsibility is also reflected in the other short story which is "Lamb to The Slaughter". In this short story, the wife, Mrs Mary Maloney loves her husband very much. She waits for her husband to get back from work and prepares drinks for her husband. She always wanted her husband to get enough needs. Although her husband treats her badly, she keeps trying to win her husband's heart. Even after the divorce issue been brought up, she's still want to make her husband a perfect supper. This shows that she still carry on with her responsibility towards her husband.

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