Monday, 8 August 2011

Uncle Teng's Dialog to His Parents

Uncle Teng : Mother, Father, I’m a little bit disappointed about my visit just now. The grandmother’s action irritated me. She has a traditional way of thinking that annoyed me. That woman whom I should marry accidentally spilled the curry she cooked on me. I knew she has been careful enough while carrying it but, her grandmother scolded her unreasonably. She shouldn’t give her that kind of punishment which suitable for a kid. She’s not doing it on purpose, so her grandmother should be more understanding. She might feel uneasy or nervous while preparing it for me that she accidentally spilled it. And I don’t think that girl get enough love and care in the family. Her grandmother’s concern and love were only for C.B, her relatives, I could say. He chatted with us while that young lady did all the chores. I don’t think that as a man, he could be relied on. I’m willing to marry that girl if she wants to. Mother, father, please help me to propose her in a mannerly way. I believe I could cherish her life more than what she had now.

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