Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Disappearance (Part 1)

1. Does the title hint at anything ominous? Why?

Yes. "The Disappearance" shows that something will disappear either it is a thing or a person so it can attract people to read on what the whole story about.

2. The father does not give any indication to the son that his mother is coming back. Why is that so? Do you think it is acceptable to tell a white lie?

He teaches her son not to lie so he couldn't bring himself to say something pleasant for the boy to hear. Also, he does not want to give her son a false hope that the mother would come back.

3. Do you think the saying 'out of sight, out of mind' summarizes this short story? How?

No, because he could hardly forget his wife even after he has remarried.

4. Do Americans and Indians share the same values? Explain.

No. They are different in terms of clothing, thinking, food. For examples, the protagonist's wife wants to have a casual American clothes however, her husband thinks that she looks more beautiful in Indian outfit. Her husband seems to have a traditional way of thinking.

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