Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Reflections on Designing the Cover for Florence

What was my role in the designing of the book cover?
Was my opinion taken seriously by the others? Why?
What have I learnt from this task?

1)      My role in the designing of the book cover is to give my ideas for the design of the book cover among of my group members. I also contribute my thoughts in choosing the illustrations.
2)      When my lecturer told us that we have to design the book cover of Florence, my ideas were so many. I quickly grabbed my pencil to sketch and told my group members that I have the ideas to design it. Yes, my opinion was taken seriously by them. And we continued our task in our hostel .I admit that I don’t have any skill to use computer as a medium to design it.  And I let my other group members to design it. I just gave my thoughts when needed. We just modify a little bit of my illustration and the outcome was fabulous. My group members have their own ability in designing the book cover and I was really thankful to them because they gave their 100% commitment in designing it even though we were so tired on that night.
3)      What I have learnt from this task is we need to respect each other opinions. Who knows maybe some weird ideas can make such a wonderful outcome. For us, we came up so many weird ideas and just look to the outcomes. It such marvellous books cover. Apart from that, we also need to be creative as we can because creativity is the most important elements in designing. Creativity also differs ones thought to another. Creativity that we have will able us to think deeper than others. In addition, we need to tolerate among of group members. Toleration is the important things that we need when we gather in groups. If we miss that element, the understanding in one thing cannot be achieved. Discussing is the best way to achieve the understanding among of the group members. 


What was my role in the designing of the book cover? 
Was my opinion taken seriously by the others? Why? 
What have I learnt from this task? 

1) My role in designing the book cover is to contribute ideas on how the book cover should look. I also need to discuss with my group members on colors that are suitable for for the cover.

2) I told the other members about my ideas and then we discuss further on it. Some of my ideas are useful and accepted and some need to be improved more. Everyone in the group has our own way of thinking and ways to make things work out so a lot of thoughts from different people must be taken into consideration so that the outcome would be awesome. 

3) I learnt that creative thinking is needed in order to have work done successfully. Also, team work is very important to make sure that each of the group members contribute their thoughts and efforts for the task given. Being responsible about our own task is necessary because, as we work in group, everyone must think about the benefit that the group will achieved by conducting a successful work. 

- Izzah -


  • -       Overall, my role in the designing of the Florence book cover is in contributing the ideas. I had gave some ideas which I share with them is using two pictures as the main cover. The main picture is the New York statue which symbolizes New York as the place where Florence wanted to achieve her dream. For the railway station, we make it look misty so you can see that both pictures are related. I also helped to contribute the pictures.

  • -       Absolutely yes, this is because every member in our group gave their own brilliant ideas. For your information we take all others ideas seriously to produce an absolutely amazing cover book for the Florence drama. Besides, we have to variety our ideas in order to satisfy all the members in our group because everyone had their own idea, so we combined all the ideas and the outcome is worth it.

  • -       I learnt a lot from this task and I happily doing this task.. This task also helped me to gain my interest in learning literature. Moreover, by doing this task we become more creative and our brain start working to think out of the box. Everyone gave their best to make the task successfully done and we worked hard till the end. For me, team work and the responsibility is the most important. Lastly, we also strive for the best to compete with other groups which also have so many talented ides and we should tolerant among members.



  1. All of the group members were trying their best on doing this project.  My role in designing the book cover was designing the book cover in laptop. My group members gave their ideas and opinions and also the materials, for example the pictures of railway station. They gave their opinions and I was the one who was editing the book cover picture. I used a very basic photo editor to design the cover. I enjoyed editing the cover because editing pictures is one of my favorite activities and I learned editing pictures when I was in secondary. After a long time, I didn’t edit any pictures till now only I had the chance to do it again. Cropping, darken, blooming the picture are some of the editing that I did on the picture.

                2. Some of my opinions were taken seriously by the others. This is because while I was editing the picture, I gave some ideas which can make the picture looks better than before.  I gave the idea on the brightness of the picture. Florence is a story which the setting was in 40’s so the color of the picture must be a bit blooming. They agree with me because the picture really look suit the time.

                3. I learnt that designing a book cover is not an easy task. We must sit together and think to figure out on how to make a nice book cover.  While we were discussing on it, we asked lot of questions to ourselves. For example, if we choose to use white color as the background, we must have the reason why we pick the color. From that, I learnt that everything that we do, we must have a reason for it. At least, one reason. 


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