Tuesday, 7 February 2012

13. Dramatization. Choose one scene in the play Florence which you think best represent the theme of segregation. Film the scene and analyse it based on the following question.

      a)      Why did you choose the scene?

We choose the scene because this scene starts the argument between Mama and Mrs. Carter. Mama does not agree that a black people should commit suicide because they feel ashamed of their skin color. Mama feels upset that Mrs. Carter claims that the black people do not have future. It also shows how Mama really defends her race.

      b)      How long was the scene? Could it be lengthen/shorten without changing the meaning of the play?

The scene is about 2 minutes. It cannot be lengthen because the audiences might feel bored watching the scene. If it is too long, there would be no suspense feeling to the audiences. Besides, it also cannot be shorten because the audience will not understand the storyline of the scene.

      c)      Were the actors/actresses able to carry out their roles well?

Yes, they are able to carry out their roles well.

       d)      Were the props used effectively? How?

Yes, we use all the props that we have around us, such as the clothes, newspaper and many more.

      e)      In terms of lighting, do you think it captures the mood of the scene? Explain.

Yes, because the scene was taken in the evening and also the camera mode that we chose are the black and white scene. The black and white scene is used to indicate the 1940s era.

       f)       Did you modify the script? Why?

Yes, we modify the script so it would not be too long and it is understandable.

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