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As the director of the play, I need to fully understand the script and each character. Therefore, I will read the script over and over again as I don’t want to misunderstand any part of the play. 
To attract the audience, I planned on how actors should act out their part dramatically and seriously. Besides, I think some special effects also crucial in attracting audience. I might consider about the usage of special effects such as fake blood for fighting scene of white gas in suspense scene.
As a director, I will try to win others' hearts so they can give me full cooperation.  I hope that they will, as I am, open for any criticism and I hope that we can work together as a team.
To act as a king in the drama, I need to read a lot to fully understand the script. I need to imagine that this act is really happened to me as I need to act like I am an insane king. At first, I imagine on how am I going to act my part, then I will revise the script and memorize it. I know that I need to pronounce every single word clearly as it would help the audience to understand my role.   


I did some research on how to act in a drama such as how to make sure that the audience will get attracted to my act. I have two roles in the drama. First, I will act as a king and secondly, I will act as a servant. As I will play a role of a male, I look up for information about how to act as a male character. I consulted my friends on what attire that I should wear to suit my character. Besides that, my role in the drama required me to act as a noble king of France who pitied a princess that was disowned by her father. 
To produce a great act, I also need to learn how to deliver a good expression so the audience can feel what I am trying to deliver. I will try to improve my voice projection for the drama since all actors will not be given any microphone. Apart from that, I will give my best in collaborating with other actors, stage managers, directors and all people who involve in the drama so that we will produce a meaningful drama.


In a King Lear play I act for two roles. First role is as Cornwall. Cornwall is an antagonist character. He is Regan’s husband. I had done some researches about Cornwall. As I want to make sure my act is successfully done, I learnt how to speak and act like a man. Besides, to improve my pronunciation I had referred to a dictionary. I also had study a lot about Cornwall characteristic so I can understand well the character.   

These are the links that helped me a lot in understanding the drama.

For the second role I am going to act as the doctor. Doctor is the minor character in King Lear play. As I always watching film that involved a doctor character I can relate it for this play. Apart from that, my family member also is a doctor from him I know how the doctor act and behave. What that I can conclude here is doctor is a caring, responsible and brilliant person.


As King Lear, I need to improve my acting skill. Firstly, I need to read script every day. I also need to be brave and learn more about vocabulary and the way how to pronounce my lines. Then, I also need to be brave to receive critics from my friend.
As an actor, I need to learn lines and do the rehearsal. As an actor, I also need to research and discuss with other members how to make a plays more attractive and interesting. I also will lend a hand if there need help to manage the performance area, costumes and props.

Task 1

·         Interpret the script
·         Cast the production
·         Collaborate with designers
·         Plan the rehearsals
·         Guide the actors in their work during rehearsals.
Stage Manager
·         scheduling and running rehearsals
·         communicating the director's wishes to designers and crafts people
·         coordinating the work of the stage crew
·         calling cues and possibly actors' entrances during performance
·         overseeing the entire show each time it is performed
Prop Master
The Prop Master (PM) is responsible for the planning and execution of all props, borrowed, rented or built. The PM has supervisory responsibility over both construction and running crews.

·         an ability to put personal skills like imagination, emotional honesty and empathy at the service of a creative process
·         an ability to focus and listen
·         vocal training for greater power, expressiveness and clarity
·         physical training stressing general fitness, flexibility and grace
·         insight into the psychology of human behavior
·         a ready understanding of and love for language
·         high-level reading, research and text-analysis skills

Task 2

Name of character
From the original play
The modified play

A Duke.
-          A Duke has his own dukedom to rule.

Textual evidence:

What mean your graces? Good my friends, consider
You are my guests: do me no foul play, friends.
A rich naïve father.
This change is made because we want to relate this story with the current situation. When people are blinded by wealth and caused them to betray their own family.
Gloucester eyes had been blinded by Cornwall And Regan. This even happened in his own house. This is because Gloucester helped King Lear to flee. This happened because his son Edmund betrayed him by telling Cornwall, Regan and Goneril about Gloucester’s action. Edmund wanted to inherit his father’s wealth.
His son betrayed him by telling his father’s opponent in business about his father project and plans. This is because he was influenced by the wealth that been offered by his father’s opponent. Because of that, his father becomes a poor person.
The theme remains the same, namely betrayal. The only change is the modified play tells us about betrayal that happened nowadays. The story line is changed but we still stick on the theme which clearly mention about a son who betrayed his own father.
Regan’s husband plucked out Gloucester’s eyes.
The opponent who wants to grab all the wealth.
This change is made because it shows that there is an evil character that will destroy the main character.
Cornwall’s wife. Cruel woman who encouraged her husband to pluck out Gloucester eyes.

The accomplice who is the backbone.
This change is made because it shows that there is a character who provoked the bad character to become more evil.

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